Software Solutions for Clinical Trials

“Efficacy is the ability to produce a desired amount of a desired effect.”



We are a service bureau based in Basel, Switzerland specializing in the development of software systems designed to facilitate the running of global clinical trials.

With a network of professional partners we provision, host and manage clinical data management operations using our own TrialDriver software, providing our clients with maximum flexibility at the lowest cost.

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  • Professional CRF Design, Prepress and Printing
  • Clinical Database Design, Operational Setup
  • Database Server Hosting services (Oracle/MySQL)
  • Offshore Data Entry services, PDF bookmarking & hyperlinking
  • Innovative EDC Solutions
  • SharePoint™ hosted Study Portals and CTMS systems
  • Submission documentation (define.xml), Annotated CRF
  • Delivery of SAS, Excel, CDISC-ODM  Datasets
  • Data Format Conversions, SDTM Data Mapping

TrialDriver software is provided free-of-charge to service customers

linkarrow TrialDriver System

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  • MetaData Management System
         create and enhance Study MetaData from multiple sources, generate submissions data files
  • Operational Data Management System
         including Indexing, 2-pass Data Entry, Subject Tracking, Query Management, full Audit Trail..
  • TrialDriver EDC Solution
         Interactive forms-based E-CRFs, render EDC data to PDF, local validation, online transmission
  • Peripherals for Scanning, Data Import
  • Validation documentation

TrialDriver software is compliant with all required regulatory standards